Who we are

The MajorDesign Creative Agency is a group of communications, media and graphic design professionals. We believe in traditional values, such as the power of images, entertaining stories, excellent quality, respect of clients and customers.

Honest messages combined with creativity, smart design and up-to-date technologies rock and they find their way even in the jungle of ads. MajorDesign was set up in 2010 as an independent film studio, creating animation and image films mainly for marketing purposes.

Shortly we realized that the best way to support our clients is not only to make an excellent film but to help them spread it over the internet – and beyond. This approach makes us a special agency with the competence to deliver complex media and social media planning to integrate your video with your communication strategy.

These two guys in the picture struggling with the monitor are ready to listen to you and understand your needs. Feel free to contact directly the creative director Petra Varga (in green) or Gergö Fazekas (in blue). They will gladly advise you in animation, video or social media related questions.