Video Services

We produce animations and films in different styles and length to present, explain or promote your products or services. We also offer a complex media and social-media planning to embed these films into your communication strategy.

Whether it’s your first video project or you have already done one, the first step is to find the style you like. In this menu you can learn about the animation types and get to know which suits you the best.

2D Explainer Animation

What is it?

Digital images drawn with a computer (so called vector images) and transformed into a moving video with special software.

How can you best use it?

A very powerful tool for various uses: explainer, presentation, advertisement, tutorial, newsletter insert, educational purposes. With 2D animations you can easily tell your story in a unique and memorable way.

Good to know

The quality of the animation can be very different depending on the design of the characters, setting, music, voice-artist and the complexity of the characters’ movement. The smoother the movements are, the more time is needed for the animation, and thus the higher the costs.


Lower costs and more creative possibilities compared to recorded video with real objects and persons. The animation’s storyboard is a detailed illustration of the film, which makes the planning and any modifications easy. The style can be adapted to the target group and to the desired distribution channels. An appropriate style can be elaborated for every budget.

Brand videos

A branded video film, mostly with the directors and co-workers of a company. You have no doubt seen a lot of image films in many different styles and of different quality. The good news is this they need not be boring. We will gladly guide you to set up an interesting image film and boost it with appealing visuals and animated inserts.

How can you best use it?

If you are in a more conservative business environment and your sector, clients or consumers expect a classic presentation of your company, a professional image film is the best choice.


The viewer can have a real experience about your company: see in fact how the office looks, meet the directors and co-workers on the screen and, from that, form an exact and realistic expectation of your business.

TV ads

No need to explain what a TV spot is. What’s more complicated is to make it memorable. A witty concept, humor or respectability, all kinds of techniques and much more makes an ad unique. Everything is allowed to make the ad stand out from the crowd.

MajorDesign delivers creative concepts, takes care of the entire production and meets all European TV channels’ and cinemas’ technical requirements.

Video and animation

This approach combines video with animations, integrating animated characters as well as graphics with video footage.

How can you best use it?

This kind of video combines the advantages of real-life footage with the flexibility of animated video. This can underline and highlight parts of your material and increase its visual power, but also point to product details, present and visualize data, and illustrate arguments with infographics and diagrams.


The combination of video and animation opens up new possibilities to spread your message.

Whiteboard animation

Whiteboard Animation is a series of hand drawn sketches on a whiteboard. Recorded in real time and then accelerated in post-production. Parts of the drawings’ are animated to make the video more dynamic.

How can you best use it?

The most complex subject can be presented in a comprehensive way – with a creative twist.


Lower costs and more creative possibilities compared to recorded video with real objects and persons. The short clip is easy to share on the internet. It gives a unique feeling of being “hand-made”, yet it uses the technical advantages of computer animation. The animation’s storyboard is a detailed illustration of the film, which makes planning and modifications easy. It is a so-called stop-motion picture which has another plus: it is very trendy and easily adapted to any occasion.

Painted art video

Every phase of painting a real picture is photographed. These hundreds or thousands of photos are put together in a film. This technique is called stop-motion.

How can you best use it?

Painted Art Video is a special tool for special occasions. Use the power of colors and let the audience enter the unlimited world of the painter. Every project is a unique chance to say something which goes beyond words and simple images. A fascinating way for seasonal greetings, company anniversaries etc. This is a unique promotion for your company or your product.


It offers an artistic way to present your message even if your company has nothing to do with arts. It strengthens positive associations between your business and creativity. You get the painting or the paintings after the project, and it becomes a trademark of your creativity.

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