Xmas Notebooks Case Study

Leather Notebook
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Xmas Notebooks Case Study

Drinking coffee one november day with our beloved Client, Air Fire Tech we had the opportunity to talk about the evergreen topic of Xmas giveaways. The life of these kinds of gifts are similar to a falling star, bright for a moment, than fades away in the eternity.

Than we came up with a simple yet appealing idea. A classic object in special edition which is complicated in the execution but hopefully worth the invested time and energy.


One of the leader fire protection company in Austria is looking for a Xmas giveaway, which reflects the company’s image and makes impact.


In the B2B sphere Xmas greetings have a very competitive market. It means, that one gets dozens of greeting cards, useful or less useful but decorative gifts. It’s difficult to stand out from the crowd if you don’t want to spend a fortune. The double challenge is to reflect the character of a company and design a simple yet unique giveaway.


Air Fire Tech company is producing fire protecting construction elements. It requires accuracy, solidity and precision. The target group consists mainly of ingenieurs. For their work they continuously need to make plans, notes, calculations, thus they need notebooks. Keeping in mind the values of the Air Fire Tech company MajorDesign has designed and produced hand made, leather covered notebooks, containing recycled paper.

On the leather cover of the notebook the logo of the fire protection company was burned in with a special tool. Every piece is 100% handmade.


The result is a unique Xmas gift, that is elegant, useful and hard to mix up with other company’s present. If one takes the notebook in her hands she can feels the leather’s smooth natural texture and sees the rough signe of the burning. Thanks to this natural, living material every single notebook is different. The set is completed with a red-white greeting card, imitating the embroidery and delivered in a wispy carton package.


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